Requesting a Master's/Doctorate degree certificate

You can request your Master's or Doctorate degree certificate to the EPM Graduate Council after the 15th day of the month following the approval of the Master's Dissertation or Doctorate's Thesis.

In order to request the certificate, you have to have fulfilled all the requirements of the Graduate Program in Neurology/ Neuroscience for the Master and Doctor titles:

  • Obtained all  credits required for each level (Master's degree: 25 credits; Doctorate degree: 40 credits) according to the Program Rules;
  • Passed all required disciplines: (1) Biostatistics; (2) Pedagogical teaching training; (3) Bioethics;
  • Passed the English proficiency test applied by Cultura Inglesa specifically for Strictu Sensu graduate students;
  • Submitted evidence or letter of acceptance of the article or published articles in an indexed journal (Scielo for Master's students, ISI for Doctorate student) with data regarding the Dissertation/Thesis. The article must have the student name as main author and the supervisor among the co-authors;
  • Successful Doctorate's thesis or Master's dissertation public defense, homologated by CPG;
  • Deposited a copy of the final version of your thesis in the program office, together with a CD in PDF format and a CD in PDF and Word formats, both labeled as required by UNIFESP standards;
  • Authorized electronic dissemination of the thesis (contact:
  • Supervisor's letter stating that the student has delivered the final version of the thesis;
  • Only after complying with all the above requirements will the Completion Acknowledgment be signed by the Supervisor and Coordinator;
  • In order to obtain the Coordinator's signature, hand in the Completion Acknowledgment signed by the Supervisor to the Program office for verification of any pending issues.


This document must be delivered to the EPM Graduate Council for the Certificate request.

The Completion Acknowledgment template can be found in the following links:




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